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Chris Greene

“He makes a point of making every client….” Thumpers president Malcolm Norton trails off for a moment, to find the perfect descriptor for one of his star hair stylists. “He makes them look pretty.” He goes on to explain that there are so many different kinds of hair, but so many young women just want a movie star beautiful look, a Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson, and Greene delivers every time. “He totally makes them feel like they’re number one.” But Greene says “it's not so much about creating Hollywood styles as it is about working with my clients to make them look and feel beautiful, creating a unique experience for each one of them.” Thumpers, 1813 Granville, 429-4900

1st Runner-up: Jay Wells, 5187 Sackville Street, 422-3532

2nd Runner-up: Teresa Fisher, Thumpers

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