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Best of Halifax

Best New Business

Gold Winner The Floatation Centre

Silver Winner Seven Bays Bouldering

Bronze Winner Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company, Historic Properties

Best New Business
Meghan Tansey Whitton
The Floatation Centre

Lindsay MacPhee moved west and worked as an engineer for years before Nova Scotia called her back home. This spring she introduced the concept of sensory deprivation to Halifax—remember that Simpsons where Lisa is trying to cure her upset stomach?—and Halifax has responded with enough love to float MacPhee and her team to the sky, and the top of the competitive new biz category. “When I found out that I won I wanted to hug pretty much everyone out there!” she says. “I’m so go-go-go all the time that it took me by surprise to even be nominated! Next on the docket for TFC is continuing to work on our pain management program. This will help propel having flotation therapy covered by extended health plans so it can be an available, non-pharmaceutical option for treatment of ailments such as stress, insomnia and chronic pain.”

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