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Patch Halifax

Riley Smith
Gold winner, Patch Halifax.

Gold Winner Patch Halifax

Silver Winner Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles

Bronze Winner Sailor Bup’s Barbershop

This summer Patch became the first of its kind in Halifax—a fabric store/sewing room hybrid, offering both a fleet of sewing machines and sergers and an adorable selection of patterns and fabrics to both experts and wannabes. We say wannabes because of the regular selection of workshops held in-store, from decorations to clothing to pillows and quilts. “We are thrilled and humbled by the response we’ve gotten, both from other businesses and from our lovely new customers,” says Patch’s mastermind, Christina Pasquet. “It’s a real pleasure to be sharing in something we love so much with other people who share in our enthusiasm and seem to appreciate what we are doing!”

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