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Better Than Her Boutique

Gold Winner Better Than Her Boutique

Silver Winner Toxic Blossom

Bronze Winner Bridge Brewing Company

Better Than Her Boutique has a bit of a mythology going. Owner Courtney Jones spent a year in the Canadian Arctic and became taken with the female caribou. The only female of the species to grow antlers, the female caribou became an image of strength and tenacity. Better Than Her Boutique took the antler image and ran with it, using it in the logo and now selling neon caribou head necklaces on antique gold chains. But who needs mythology when you have such sweet stock? A visit to the BTH Facebook page will have you pining (and pinning) for days. Arrow arm cuffs, tiny matchstick rings, chunky knit sweaters with bold graphics, kitty cat watches. I’mma use my antlers (elbows) to get y’all outta my way come sale day.
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