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Best of Halifax

Best Professor

University of King's College

Gold Winner Dr. Alan Brown, MSVU

Silver Winner Dr. Laura Penny, University of King’s College

Bronze Winner Dr. Randi Warne, MSVU

Dear Mount Saint Vincent—do you know how lucky you are? Dear MSVU administration—do you know? This year’s best have all taught at the Mount (or still do), and their expertise has clearly made a lasting impression on Coast readers after class was over. Second-time gold winner Alan Brown, a self-proclaimed non-traditional sociology and anthropology prof, wagers a guess on why people might have voted him to the top, citing his “willingness to mentor and not treat them like numbers.” As of this semester, he’s imparting his wisdom on pupils at Southern Connecticut State University, but says that this victory makes his recent departure from Halifax a little more bearable: “I love my new position but miss my students in Nova Scotia.”

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