Best Professor 2013 | Mount Saint Vincent University | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Professor

Mount Saint Vincent University

Gold Winner Randi Warne, Mount Saint Vincent University

Silver Winner Roberta Barker, Dalhousie University

Bronze Winner Laura Penny, University of King’s College

“I played university when I was a little girl, this is an insane thing to do,” says Dr. Randi Warne, coordinator of MSVU’s Cultural Studies program and all-around brilliant woman. “I’d be stroking my beard because I thought I needed one.” Sans beard, Warne teaches classes like Myth America, Advanced Evil and Religion and Pop Culture with an enthusiasm that’s completely contagious, tackling topics like mega churches, the American hero and Disney, never failing to squeeze in a Buffy reference when she can. “I like being bossy and I like telling people about things I like,” she says. “Apparently other people like them as well.”
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