Best Staycation Spot 2014 | Dee Dee's Ice Cream, Peggys Cove | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Staycation Spot

Dee Dee's Ice Cream, Peggys Cove

Gold Winner Peggys Cove

Silver Winner Oceanstone Seaside Resort

Bronze Winner Lunenburg

You know what we have a lot of here in Nova Scotia? Huge crashing waves and extremely dangerous terrain surrounding them. Yet many of us don’t get to see evidence of it unless an aunt comes to visit and we go trotting out Peggys Cove like a show pony. Sure, we pretend to be cool and over it when we’re there—“What, you guys *don’t* walk to work over some rocks slicked with the Atlantic Ocean? Huh, weird!”—but inside we’re like “Oh hell yes, this is rad.” Your pick for number one staycation spot, Peggys Cove allows you to either remind yourself how great Nova Scotia can look (#nofilter) or straight-up pretend you’re a tourist who has never seen water before.

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