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Best Staycation Spot


Sensea Nordic Spa
40 Sensea Road, Chester


White Point Beach Resort
75 White Point Beach Resort Road, White Point


Lawrencetown Lodge
1232 West Porters Lake Road, West Porters Lake

A steamy oasis on the outskirts of charming Chester, NS invites visitors to immerse themselves in nature and push pause on their busy lives. Sensea Nordic Spa, created by husband-and-wife duo Christophe Debeaumont and Laetitia Gomthier in January 2020, is the first-of-its-kind experience in the province. Visitors can laze around the 26-acre lakeside property and dip in and out of the many saunas, Turkish hammams (a set of steam rooms and a DIY salt scrub bar) in-ground hot tubs and cold plunge pools. A daily pass, which is $60 plus tax, will get you access to most of the spa (booking a massage is a whole other endeavour and price point, but a day pass is included). If it feels like this place is always fully booked, you’re not wrong. Sensea opens its books on a monthly basis so it’s best to check at the start of the month, or weekly for any spots that may open at the last minute.

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