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Best of Halifax

Best Staycation Spot

White Point Beach Resort

Gold Winner White Point Beach Resort

Silver Winner Halifax Waterfront

Bronze Winner Peggy’s Cove

When it’s done right, the staycation is a miracle. For minimal travelling time—with the perk of avoiding airport limbo entirely—and contained expenses without currency exchange hassles, you still get away from it all. As far as breaks from regular life go, the best staycation has major return on your travel investment. And the best place for a Halifax staycation is White Point. Why? Looking out from the dining room patio to that famous kilometre-long beach, the surfable waves breaking, the water a bit cold even in summer, you could be in California. If you’ve booked one of the rustic cottages running along the beach, relaxing around the fireplace you could be in the 1928 Nova Scotia of White Point’s founding (except for the wifi). When the rabbits take over at dawn and dusk, it’s a gentle jungle. Come January, winter wonderland. And looking around the main lodge’s gorgeous Founder’s Lounge, you might think you’re in Pinterest. The drive to White Point is less than two hours, but it transports you to a whole other world.

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