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Theatre review: A Rum for the Money at SuperNova

Three fine actors in a whale of a tale about Newfoundland rum-runners.

In the 1960’s, enterprising adventurers from Newfoundland were able to make a great deal of money by smuggling rum from the nearby island of St-Pierre-Miquelon. It was dangerous work, as shown in Berni Stapleton’s A Rum for the Money, where three smugglers, of various degrees of experience, are shot at, chased and eventually rammed in the course of one fateful run. The play is both suspenseful and funny and the acting is first-rate. But the bare-bones set—a small dory lashed with kegs—and the awkward set change leave something to be desired, as does the script which stretches credibility to the breaking point with a ride on a whale’s tale. Still, you won’t regret spending an evening with this trio of warm-hearted rogues.

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