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Rock for Water mixes rock and good causes

Clean water goes well with a concert

This week Halifax goes gaga for benefit shows with the Friday May 29 Rock for Water benefit to raise money for wells and water filtration systems, featuring Mudline, threefifteen, Thor's Paladin and Madison Pilling at Auburn Drive High School (5-10:30-pm, ID required. $8) The Grass were scheduled to play, but have since cancelled due to an injury, however, I still have their lovely comments on the affair. “The benefit is part of the Clean Water Campaign (a division of Free the Children), to build wells. It was originally supposed to be a full-day ‘festival-type’ event but some administrative matters with the school or school board nixed that plan and it became a Friday evening event,” says Willis Ryan (The Grass). “Hopefully (the benefit) also adds a little to our karma bank, particularly as we head out on the road again.” You can also catch the Grass before they leave for tour at the Seahorse on June 12 with The Stance and Jeff Gay & Special Blends. And tell your other Eastern Canadian friends: “We'll hit the road for a couple of weeks with shows in Ontario and Montreal July 2nd-11th. We are then planning on heading over to Newfoundland for a week in August.”

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    • Dose anyone know when Jonny Cash & the White family visit the Halifax Shopping Centra

      Posted by: Patchess on Jun 14, 2024