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Q&A with 902 NonStop Records' Ally Dee

Catch tomorrow's stacked lineup for Rap Therapy

Q&A with 902 NonStop Records' Ally Dee
Tara Ryan
Ally Dee

Ally Dee and Ryszky Biz run 902 NonStop Records, intensely repping local hip-hop. With both a radio show and regular rap showcases, Dee puts in hard work for a scene he clearly loves. Friday, March 6, the Rap Therapy event (Jacob's Lounge, 9pm, $5 in advance, $10 at the door) features a handful of some established and new hip-hop voices, and a great chance to see some local talent.

Q: What does rap therapy mean to you?
A: Rap Therapy is the most recent album release from Ryszky Biz, the title is an accurate description of the line-up of tracks on the album. It all comes from the heart and is based on real experiences. It’s a chance to vent or voice an opinion. For the 902 NonStop Records squad, music is the life we live, it’s a way to explore creativity, be expressive, offer a message to the world and also a great form of therapy.

Q: What made you choose hip-hop?
A: Music has been a big part of my life from a very young age, both enjoying and creating, there’s a lot of freedom for expression and exploration without any limits. From the first time that I heard Licensed To Ill from the Beastie Boys at age nine I was hooked.

Q: Some of these artists on Friday’s showcase are newer to the scene, right?
A: A few of the artists are, including Slim The Gentlemen and Tara Ryan. Slim had his first showing on an album in the fall of 2014 when we released They’re Coming—a Halloween/zombie apocalypse themed album. Tara Ryan broke on the scene a few months ago and has been gathering steam and has developed some great material which she performed for the first time during the Ryszky Biz Rap Therapy cd release party at Jacob’s Lounge on February 6th.

The last five years saw me link with Ryszky Biz and Red Panther Studio and releasing six mixtapes before creating 902 NonStop Records. We’ve released five albums, including our Confident album which was done in support of and with the support of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. We’ll be handing over the proceeds from our tour to the Community Relations Manager and Strong Kids Champions on March 14 at Hugo’s Bar and Grill during a hip-hop showcase with Jayo Productions. Vadell Gabriel and The Yangsta have been around for a spell and have their own show on CKDU as well on Monday evenings, Pyrate Radio.

Q: How has your radio show been going?
A: Heard On Air has been gathering a larger audience and is constantly seeking music from other Canadian hip-hop and R&B artists, especially local and Maritime artists. There is a lot of talent in this area. It’s been great being a part of the CKDU community. Since the show has started, a whole new set of doors have started to open. The show is in the process of being syndicated for play on other stations both FM and internet.

Q: What’s next for 902 NonStop?
A: We have several releases planned for this year including T.O.G. from Stack Loot Divide, The Purge from myself and Just Another Rap Genius from Ryszky Biz followed by releases from DL and Slim The Gentlemen.

Q: Other than Saturday’s Trina show, it’s been pretty rare to see two female rappers on a bill, I was really impressed to see two female MCs on this lineup. Is a fairer representation something that’s important to you?
A: I heard that the Trina show was pretty dope, and it is always awesome to catch Realeyez live, she always excites the crowd. Recently she performed at two of our shows and we look forward to more performances with her. It was great to see the all-queen cypher and night of poetry in December at AlterEgos for Chix in the Mix, and we’re pretty pumped about having both Tara Ryan and JPimpin’ on the lineup for the Rap Therapy show. It would be pretty boss to see much more female talent at hip-hop events, they bring a strong message with their music and a strong stage presence. A fairer representation would be kickass to experience. We welcome any opportunity to work with female MCs and singers.

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