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Listen to this: Jale, "Again" (Komoda mix)

Something good for a bad world

click to enlarge Listen to this: Jale, "Again" (Komoda mix)
via Sub Pop
The almighty Jale

It's 2017 and Jale has a "new" song—the gods have smiled upon us.

The upcoming Brave New Waves session was recorded in the spring of 1993, remixed by Kevin Komoda that year, and will—finally—be released as a record September 8 (preorder here, limited edition on blue vinyl, oooo). The album features songs that would eventually end up on Dreamcake, as well as rarer songs that only appeared on independent 7 inches or promo releases, including “More or Less.”

Formed in 1992 by Eve Hartling, Alyson MacLeod, Jennifer Pierce, and Laura Stein, the power pop/grunge Jale was signed to Sub Pop, releasing their debut album, Dreamcake, in 1994 and So Wound in 1996.  In my opinion, they are one of the best bands we got. Fun trivia fact for you: The band also appeared on the very first cover of The Coast, in 1993. (see below)

So please listen: For three minutes and 18 seconds, not everything is horrible.

click to enlarge Listen to this: Jale, "Again" (Komoda mix)
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