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Where I work: N.S.K.D

A shared a passion for rare streetwear inspired four friends to open Nova Scotia Kids, a boutique fuelled by hype.

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1876 Hollis Street

Zhen Fan, Bob Bao, Andong Wang and Edward Wei are probably Halifax's swaggiest quartet. All from China, the four transformed their shared passion for streetwear into a retail concept earlier this year. The name Nova Scotia Kids (shortened to simply N.S.K.D) refers to their relative unfamiliarity with the province. "I am like a baby in Halifax, like a kid," Wei says about their experience of living in a new country. "A new language, new friends, a new life. Everything is new."

N.S.K.D specializes in reselling rare pieces from trendy streetwear brands. Inspired by internationally known storefronts like Round Two and the online clothing marketplace Grailed, the Kids have reinterpreted those experiences into a Halifax retail concept. You won't find these garments anywhere else in Halifax; Supreme, Bape and Off-White are the designers featured most prominently, plus rotating rack of consignment clothes. In the future, the co-founders hope to place a stronger emphasis on their own in-house line of apparel.

Hype is what drives N.S.K.D. You can feel it when you step inside, almost everything in the store is limited run and hard-to-find. Even the decor is collectable, as rows of Supreme decks cover the wall while a collection of NEIGHBORHOOD incense burners can be found on the window sill. I fawn over a pair of Converse x Fragment collaboration One-Stars (anybody have a size 10?). Flipping through the racks of clothing, Wei is excited about every piece he shows me. First and foremost, the co-founders are fans of what they are reselling. It's hard not to be swept up in their excitement.

Along with several upcoming collaborations, N.S.K.D will launch the second season of its self-titled apparel this year. The co-founders will also make an appearance at the International Toy Show in Shanghai to debut their own figurine. Though Halifax has typically been seen as a fashionable place, Wei says the city is changing—and the Kids hope to be its destination for streetwear. "Six years ago people didn't really think about fashion in the same way. It's like a revolution."

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