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Summer is here! Police warn against leaving pets in hot cars

Dogs in cars are so hot right now.

Anybody order a hot dog?

In the surest sign that summer is finally here, Halifax Police today issued a release warning people not to lock their pets in hot cars.

Forget the Public Gardens opening, locking dogs in hot cars is how Halifax loves to spend its summers.

“On a sunny day, even with the windows open, a parked vehicle quickly becomes like a furnace and presents potentially fatal conditions for pets left inside,” write Halifax Police. “With sunny weather and warm temperatures finally back, we encourage pet owners to not leave their pets unattended in vehicles, even for a few minutes.”

Oh, yeah, patio season is back!

It’s been a hard winter here in Nova Scotia. Constant snow storms and below-zero temperature meant many pets had to make do being locked in freezing cold cars.

Thankfully this past week’s weather is getting Haligonians out and about. Since Saturday police have responded to 15 calls about animals left in hot parked vehicles. Police say none of those animals were found in distress. I mean, how could anyone be distressed when it’s this gorgeous outside?

If you don’t want to lock your pet in a hot car—for whatever reason—police recommend taking the animal with you into the store or bring a friend along to keep your pet company while you shop. That person is me. I will hang out with your dog and be his bud while you bargain hunt heirloom tomatoes or whatever.

Remember, call 911 if you see one of nature’s chillest party animals in distress. Even if it looks like that dog is just laying down a sick base tan, they may actually not want to be locked in that hot car.

See you at the beach!

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