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Sculptura Fitness opening soon

Gym for women offers variety and bonding

Hey ladies! Looking for a women-only gym that offers more than ellipticals and judgmental stares? Put down that dumbbell, we’ve got something just for you. Kinesiology grad Essa Horvath has opened the doors to Sculptura Fitness (2827 Isleville Street, 209-3412) this month and promises to offer three things that traditional gyms are lacking: an intimidation-free environment, accountability to your workout group and a fitness plan tailored just for you. Oh, and lots of fun and bonding too.

“At Sculptura you get, basically, a support group,” she says. “You’re there with all the women that want to achieve their own goals that may be quite similar to yours, or maybe a little different, but you’re all there supporting each other.”

Horvath hopes to get your blood pumping with an ever-changing combination of Pilates, strength training and cardio. There’s a limit of 12 women per class, which gives her lots of time to work with you, one-on-one. Women of all ages and physical fitness levels are welcome.
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