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Perks Panini Kabob Café and Grill

Perks,the coffee shop, joins forces with SMU business prof to get the real economy tasting swell on Robie.

Just opening across the street from the Coastal Café is a new venture called Perks Panini Kabob Café and Grill (2736 Robie, 462-5555), which the sign says is “fresh, healthy, tasty… truly kabobelicious.”

It’s the brainchild of SMU assistant professor of finance Najah Attig who wanted to open a business in the changing north end in the wake of having lost a few dollars in the financial crisis, to instead, “invest in the real economy.”

In partnership with the Perks people, the place will satisfy all your espresso needs while also being a lunch deli, offering “exotic panini sandwiches with a perfect blending of European, Mediterranean, and Moroccan tastes, with healthy---low fat, low cholesterol---and fresh and natural ingredients,” explains Attig. “This will be a unique space in Nova Scotia, something innovative.”

He’s having the ciabatta and focaccia delivered daily from 24 Carrots Bakery (6300 Lady Hammond, 482-2424) for maximum freshness and has a deck to the side of the building for dining in the warm weather---ice cream will also available. The enthusiastic Attig figures he will be the final word on good taste. “If I love it myself, people who love food will also love it.”

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