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I almost barfed when I read that Liz Feltham considers KFC, 'the best' fried chicken. Though, it was not because she referred to it just moments before as 'dirty bird'. No. It was because of the support this oblivious woman gives to the 'restaurant' that demonstrates the most outrageously cruel and inhumane procedures on the poor chickens that they kill to be battered in their 'origianl recipe' spices and sold to dumb-assed people, when there are countless alternatives such as free-range do-it-yourself fried chicken, or heaven forbid, swear off the deep fried shit for good and add years to your live by not poisoning your body. But why should we concern ourselves with animal abuse such as de-beaking and live scalding of baby chicks when we can stuff our greedy mouths with their dead, deep fried carcasss. If you give a cluck...stop supporting money hungry corporations that torture and kill innocent animals and check out the alternatives that will leave you with a clean conscience and arteries.

By animal rights supporter

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