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Panacea Body Wellness Centre opens at Park Lane

New ways of slimming down offered at Dresden Row clinic

The Panacea Body Wellness Centre (366 Lacewood Drive, 404-8448) has just opened a second Halifax location. The new one is just inside the Dresden Row entrance of Park Lane Mall (civic address 1554 Dresden Row) sharing space with Arthritis and Injury Care Centre (offering custom and off-the-shelf bracing and custom orthotics) and Citadel Physiotherapy (which offers physiotherapy and massage therapy) that were formerly at the corner of Dresden and Sackville.

Panacea offers a laser fat-reduction technology called Zerona, a non-invasive procedure through which "patients are guaranteed to lose a minimum of 3.5 - 11 inches from their waist, hips and thighs without any pain or associated health risks," according to the company.
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It's official. Toronto has next on a new WNBA team! About time. Should Halifax follow?