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Letters to the editor, November 21, 2019

Hell or high water

"The scientific evidence that those properties are more at risk...is there, but the desire to be on the waterfront still exists," says realty expert Baird Allen (in Nicoletta Dina's "Harbour rising," October 31, 2019). "That mindset hasn't changed yet and it's debatable when and whether it really will at some point change. There is a lot of attraction to building on the waterfront, people still want to be close to the water."

This mindset is why we are honestly fucked. But really, developers don't give a shit if they pile up gravel to build King's Wharf and then get a bunch of suckers to rent condos there. Everyone's got their head in the sand, at least until it's under water. — posted by Bucca at thecoast.ca

Oh god, look. This is all fascinating, just like all the other shock stories and YouTube videos that have been injected into the media. But here's a fact about climate change that is more important than any other fact about climate change you could dream up...are you ready? Here it is:

Nobody cares. And that's that. The evidence is overwhelming.

We're building art galleries, shopping complexes and condominiums right on the water in Halifax, people are buying devices repeatedly and replacing them before the original even wears out. Flying seems to be at an all time high, the Big Three have basically decided to stop producing cars because people are more interested in their trucks and SUVs, governments are doing everything in their power to maintain coal and other fossil fuels (and succeeding), solar technology seems to have stalled and what is available, while less expensive than before is still far out of reach for the average Joe. And even if they could, at least in this province governments have permitted NSP to significantly limit the amount of electricity you can actually put out on the grid and be re-reimbursed for to make shelling out that kinda money less attractive. The list of evidence goes on and on and on and on.

Nobody cares! They might talk a lot of smack but nobody cares, they don't give a rat's rip...at all. Once they climb down off ye ole soapbox, and take a break from the virtue signalling, they just go right back to doing what they're doing. And what they're doing when they're not making fools of themselves trolling online certainly bears no resemblance to "saving the planet."

Even if you factor in the recent student protests, those kids will all change their tune when and if they day ever comes that they actually have to start paying their bills and begin to understand that simply ditching fossil fuels isn't as easy as once they thought.

Extinction Rebellion? Yeah right. I'm really gonna take them seriously when they decide that they're going to shut down the city to promote the idea that our deaths are imminent, but then proceed to have a party on the bridge—laughing and jumping around—bringing a bunch of gear to "cook" with as though they're trying to set up tent city. Nobody who actually takes a global emergency seriously behaves like that.

Add to that the fact that everyone has just completely and totally shut their brains down and closed their ears to all of these groups of people trying to force us to care about something we don't care about, it's only a matter of time before the word "intersectional" starts being applied to climate in some twisted way.

SO bravo on the paper, but we really don't care. And we're not going to care until we actually see with our own eyes that water is slapping up against the first-floor glass of Purdy's Wharf. Then maybe we'll do something about it...if we feel like it. —posted by Try_The_Truth at thecoast.ca

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