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How to stop your nipples from bleeding this weekend

While running the Blue Nose Marathon, at least.

How to stop your nipples from bleeding this weekend
The Nard Dog.

Jogger’s nipple, it’s called. Also known as “runner’s nipple, red eleven, raver’s nipple, big Q’s, red nipple, stingers, weightlifter’s nipple and gardener’s nipple.” It’s the painful fissure of the nipple that some runners might find themselves experiencing during this weekend’s Blue Nose Marathon.

Nip chaffing is common for men in the summer, especially during endurance sports like marathon running. The continual rubbing of fabric, combined with dried sweat, can shred raw a runner’s nipples until blood streams like red tears down your torso. At the very least, it’s going to hurt in the shower tomorrow.

How to best protect your tender little nubs? Luckily, there’s a range of professional and homemade options to consider before hitting the starting line tomorrow.

The simplest solutions are bandages or tape. But both of those products can fall off from your body’s sweat. Which might be preferable to taking them off later, depending on your chest hair game. Corn pads for foot blisters can also be used in a pinch. Maybe try a couple coats of liquid bandages, or even Super Glue (provided it dries completely before you put your shirt back on). One bro on “” suggests skipping the gendered-clothing scam altogether. Just wear a sports bra, dudes.

For something more profesh, the Running Room has several anti-chaffing products you could pick up today. Everything from Body Glide balms to Liquicell nipple protectors. An eight-pack of the reusable peel-and-stick protectors runs for $9.95.

Or you could just go topless. #FreeTheNipple

Eastern Canada’s largest run kicks off tomorrow with upwards of 13,000 marathoners stuffing Halifax streets. Portions of Brunswick, Sackville and Cogswell Street will be closed most of the weekend. Rolling street closures will also affect Bell, Ahern, Summer, Trollope, Robie, Cunard, North Park, Market, Carmichael, Prince, South Park, Young, Agricola, Wyse, Carmichael, Prince and Barrington. The MacDonald Bridge will also be closed in both directions on Sunday from 6:30am to 12:30pm.

So if you have car, maybe avoid being trapped and go see Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend in the BLIP. Have a movie marathon. Less nipple chafing that way!

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