Downtown eateries opening | Shoptalk | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Indochine Banh Mi (The Paramount Building, 1551 South Park Street, 407-1222) can be found in the space that once housed Glamour Puss and the Naughty Dog. The Vietnamese sandwich place is the brainchild of Liz Smith, who noticed the taste trend popping up out in Alberta. “This is my first venture,” she says. “I’m kind of freaking out.” The Vietnamese sandwich is a melding of South Asian flavours and French colonial influence. Expect baguettes and homemade mayonnaise combined with satay, lemongrass and spicy marinates, with both meat and vegetarian options, and bubble tea made with real fruit and fruit juices to wash it down. Open Monday-Friday, 11:30am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-7pm. Drop by to alleviate Smith’s freaking. | There’s another new taste downtown: Buddha Boys Asian Takeout is a street vendor, offering vegetarian or Thai curry spring rolls, Thai curry hot dogs, and dessert pockets (chocolate banana or chocolate peanut butter). Look for the Buddha Boys on Argyle Monday through Friday 11am-6pm. 12pm-4am Friday and Saturday. | Open for breakfast and lunch is Gourmet By Day Take-out and Catering (1810 Granville Street, 422-6674), offering office workers soups and sandwiches to get them through their day.
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