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4 in 10 Nova Scotians aren’t satisfied with the government

Approval ratings drop, but Liberals are still the public’s choice.

Approval ratings are down but a majority of Nova Scotians still prefer the Liberals.

The latest polling data has been released by Corporate Research Associates, and the province’s Liberal government has taken some hits.

More Nova Scotians are dissatisfied with the McNeil government this quarter. Overall satisfaction with the government’s performance dropped from 60 to 50 percent since February, while the number of dissatisfied Nova Scotians rose from 27 to 41 percent.

Still, half of the province's voters continues to support the Liberal Party (down from 58 percent in February), even with a spring Legislative session that saw widespread outrage over cuts to Nova Scotia’s arts, education and community service sectors.

Premier Stephen McNeil saw his approval rating drop from 44 to 35 percent over the last three months.

Big winners are the NDP, who saw their support grow from 18 to 27 percent. Preference for acting NDP leader Maureen MacDonald also shot up from 12 to 20 percent.

The PC Party remains relatively unchanged, with support at 19 percent (down from 20) and leader Jamie Bailie getting a slight bump from 14 to 18 percent in terms of leadership preference.

Three percent of Nova Scotian voters prefer the Green Party, which is unchanged from the previous poll.

A full one-third of the province are undecided in which party they support.

The results are part of CRA’s quarterly telephone survey of Atlantic Canadians, based on a sample of 801 adult voters. You can read their full release here.

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