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Precious petals

Dartmouth florist Korayne Romanchuk offers tips on thinking outside the box and stretching your floral budget.

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Jessica Judge
“What is traditional any more? ” says Korayne Romanchuk, who designed this bouquet.

What are some trends you're seeing right now with floral design?

The freshly picked out of a field or micro farm is still on trend, but truthfully I've never been one to follow trends! I feel the best thing about these times is that anything goes. Brides and grooms and brides and brides and grooms and grooms can infuse their own personalities, and that's what's trendy.

What are ideas you have for brides who want to incorporate flowers into their day, but want to think outside of the traditional?

What is traditional any more? Like fashion, everything comes around again. You have to be pretty creative to think outside the box. However, traditionally we've seen pastels and light-coloured flowers which offer a elegant and romantic feel. I think if your really want to think outside the box, then using bold colours or lots of different colour offers a unique flair. There are so many different varieties of flowers that usually don't make it to the wedding: Do some research and talk to your florist about unconventional wedding bouquets.

What do you need from a couple before you start planning out the floral design for their wedding?

I like to get an overall picture. The venue, style of dresses and colours, whether it's a small and intimate wedding or a big flashy show, what they love and what they would care not to see, and the infamous budget!

What's your advice for folks who want flowers for their day but are looking to simplify because of cost?

For starters, pick a colour instead of getting hung up on a specific flower. From there you can decide on what kind of flowers are going to meet your budget, but still be cohesive with your theme. And be sure to ask your florist about sourcing locally grown flowers. You could also turn your flower arrangements into party favours. My favorite budget-saving thing to do is recycle! There are some amazing local charity organizations that you can purchase vases and containers from, and then re-donate them when you're done.

Korayne Romanchuk is the floral designer and owner at downtown Dartmouth’s newest flower shop, Koko Mod Modern Floral Design., 902-233-6825​​
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Do you think we’ll get hit by another storm before hurricane season ends Nov 30?