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Exotic pets are so hot right now

Lots of options exist for those wanting a unique pet experience.

Let's face it, cats are so 2011. Dogs can't even keep up with today's social media trends. You need a pet that's chic, cutting edge. It's time for a daring new exotic animal that makes all those other white-bread pet owners feel as bad as they should about their choices.

Luckily, under Nova Scotian law there are all sorts of weird and wild animals you can legally own (except most actually wild animals). Provided they're disease-free, from a reputable breeding program and will be properly housed, you don't even need a permit to fill your house with adorable little guys like sugar gliders, geckos and chinchillas. You can peacock around with an actual peacock.

Generally, livestock is a no-no under city bylaws, so you unfortunately will have to move to the country if you want to watch your baby goat jumpin' around all crazy indoors.

Turtles and tortoises are also surprisingly illegal under Nova Scotian law. Turns out they carry salmonella, and could prove dangerous to native species if they were to escape. A slow danger, but a danger nonetheless. Gus the tortoise, as a museum exhibit, is thankfully exempt from this rule.

Prohibited critters you can't have

Raccoons (except in "extenuating circumstances")
All venomous snakes, reptiles, insects and arachnids
Green and yellow anacondas
Wild boars
Prairie dogs

Babies you can go purchase right now

Sugar gliders
Red-eyed tree frog
African pygmy hedgehog
Frill-necked lizard
Norway rat
Java sparrow
Rainbow lizard
Red-whiskered bulbul
Lady Amherst's pheasant

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