Princess Edward returns in <i>Princess Rules</i>

Princess Edward returns in Princess Rules

More than a year after The Princess Show, Princess Edward comes back a star.
The Princess Rules To November 11, 8pm (plus 2pm Nov 11) The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon Street $15-$40 adv/$25 door

Menopause the Musical embraces The Change

Jukebox play playfully suggests women embrace what they cannot alter.
Menopause The Musical November 21-23, 7:30pm Spatz Theatre, 1855 Trollope Street $37-$60 "How often can you be involved with something that delivers such a great feeling to it?

Review: Snake in the Grass

Neptune's latest mystery is an odd duck.
The set of Snake in the Grass is an intricately designed backyard terrace with a dilapidated shed and overgrown tennis court.

Review: Macbeth: The Shadow King

Shakespeare By The Sea offers up a polished, exciting new interpretation.
Macbeth is arguably the best play about ambition written in English. It’s been performed for centuries, and will hold relevance as long as humans behave the way they do—which is to say, as long as people seek power for power’s sake, audiences will see those people in these characters.

Review: Tyrant

The timelessness of tyranny presented by the Villains Theatre.
Director and writer Dan Bray adapted Tyrant from the early-17th century Jacobean play by Thomas Middleton. It tells the story of Govianus (Sarah Deller), a deposed king seeking revenge on their usurper, the unnamed tyrant (Ira Henderson), and plans to do so by stealing the object of his love, the unnamed lady (Colleen MacIsaac).

Review: Orlando

Virginia Woolf's fantastical novel is adapted to the stage.
Sarah Ruhl is one of the best American playwrights working today, and Virginia Woolf is one of the best English writers of all time. Their forces combined make Orlando, a stage adaptation of Woolf’s fantastical 1928 novel, a masterful experiment.

Review: Bone Cage

Banks' play shows poetry in despair.
Catherine Banks’s Governor General’s award-winning play Bone Cage is brought back to the Halifax stage by the intrepid Matchstick Theatre, and on the play's tenth anniversary, no less. The story has its characters in rural Nova Scotia, a down-and-out bunch of young men and women, whose work is clearcutting the forest and mourning its wounds.

DaPoPo’s Live-In travels across artistic lines

In year nine, the company aims to blur the boundaries between disciplines, but holds onto its presentation of plays in all stages of progress.
DaPoPo Theatre's Live-In To Oct 31 Full schedule at With its net cast wider than ever, DaPoPo Theatre's Live-In Festival is nine years old and going strong.

Review: Seeds

Impressive production asks the question: Who owns life?
Seeds is a documentary play that explores the four-year legal battle between Monsanto and Percy Schmeiser, a Saskatchewan farmer who the corporation took to court after a crop from their patented seed was found on his land. The play questions notions of the rights of corporations to patent a living thing, and the public’s acceptance of GMO foods as safe.

22 theatre productions to warm up your fall

An earlybird sampling of what to see in Halifax theatre this fall.

Halifax Fringe 2017 - Day 10

Halifax Fringe has come and gone for another year, but here are some final reviews from the last day of the festival. A Feebleminded Dictator By Brittny Rebhuhn, Kate Tobie, and Eric Johnston

Halifax Fringe 2017 - Day 9

An Evening (Give or Take) of Mediuming, with Bud Hunter By Bud Hunter Long-term Fringe fixture Bud Hunter (he’s had a show in the Festival for most of the last ten years) is a bit of a “controversial” figure.

Halifax Fringe 2017 - Day 7

“Perk Up, Pianist!” By Sarah Hagen

Binge-read about Fringe

All of our Halifax Fringe Festival coverage in one convenient spot.
Here it is: Your guide to the 28th Halifax Fringe Festival of indie theatre—with advice for newbies, hot ticket picks and heaps of play reviews. First off, let's get you primed on several of this year's shows.

Honestly, you Canadian Heritage Minutes Live!

Heritage Minutes Live! waxes nostalgic about every Canadian’s favourite TV moments.
Heritage Minutes Live! Thu Sep 7, 10:15pm & 11:45pm; Fri Sep 8 7:10pm; Sat Sep 9, 6pm The Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street $10/$7

Flirt with First Date Last Date

Untraditional, playful and intimate, Tea Time Creation Company creates a little magic.
First Date Last Date Thu Sep 7, 8pm; Fri Sep 8, 6pm; Sat Sep 9, 2pm; Sun Sep 10, 2pm Good Robot Brewing Company, 2736 Robie Street $10/$15

Nicky’s Solo Improvised Musical is off the cuff

Nicky’s Solo Improvised Musical offers a once in a lifetime show, every time.
Nicky's Solo Improvised Musical Thu Sep 7, 10:50pm; Fri Sep 8 7pm; Sat Sep 9 3:50pm; Sun Sep 10 1:20pm, 9:50pm Old Pool Hall Theatre,  6050-6070 Almon Street $12/$15 Toronto musician and comedian Nicky Nasrallah has set himself the task of creating a new improvised musical for each performance of his Fringe show.

I Love Rock ’N’ Roll Saved My Life

Rock ’N’ Roll Saved My Life releases rage, intimate details in a brave performance.
Rock 'N' Roll Saved My Life Thu Sep 7-Sat Sep 9, 9pm Gus' Pub, 2605 Agricola Street PWYC Sam Horak is mid-run of Rock 'N' Roll Saved My Life, a scrappy, fearless slice of Fringe that mashes up her two artistic loves, music and theatre.

cartography’s tiny map making

A “gently interactive” show offers a chance to reflect and contemplate personal histories.
cartography Thu Sep 7, 10pm; Fri Sep 8 7:10pm; Sat Sep 9 3:50pm; Sun Sep 10 9:30pm The Living Room, 2353 Agricola Street $8/$5 "I really love tiny things," says Colleen MacIsaac.

Touched by Too Many Angels will have you dying

Adam Myatt’s self-deprecating play is full of dark humour.
Touched by Too Many Angels Fri Sep 8, 10:35pm; Sat Sep 9, 8:55pm; Sun Sep 10, 3:20pm & 5:45pm The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon Street $5/$8 Adam Myatt has died and come back as an angel, ready to impart some wisdom onto the people.

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