The indispensable student guide to city life in Halifax

The indispensable student guide to city life in Halifax

It's Back to School time!

Francella Fiallos wants to help you find your voice

The programming director for CKDU, Halifax‘s only campus-community FM radio station, is passionate about getting more diverse hosts telling their stories on the airwaves.
Through the front doors of the Dalhousie Student Union Building, up the elevator to the fourth floor, past the crowded cork boards and penny-candy machines, time slows down. Here, inside the CKDU studios, a minute is measured by the patient revolutions of a 12-inch vinyl record.

Common Halifax Tinder profiles

Just because there are plenty of fish in the sea, doesn't mean there's much variety.
The negging horndog

Alt-right revolution on campus

Canadian universities are becoming fertile breeding grounds for neo-fascists.
The first time Calista Hills encountered a white supremacist was on her university campus. It was during the spring, says the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society president.

Atlantic fridge festival

15 cheap, delicious foodstuffs any student worth their salt should have stocked at all times.
And like that, summer is over and everyone is back to the grind. Just like winter, it happens every year but always seems to bushwhack even the most prepared.

Coat of arms, wide open

Updating and improving on the stale crests of the city’s post-secondary schools.

15 of the best Instagram backdrops in Halifax

Insta-worthy spots in the HRM that aren't Peggys Cove.
Congratulations on moving to a city rich with nautical history, lush trees and so many craft breweries it borders on unnecessary.

Who to cheer for in Halifax

A quick scorecard on the upcoming sports year.
It’s a season of change in the Halifax sports scene.

Cheap thrills every night of the week

Broke but looking for something to do? There are plenty of musical, artistic and exciting events happening all over the city that won't put you (further) in debt.
No matter if you’re new in town or just trying to venture beyond the campus bubble, seeing the sights on a student’s budget can be a strain.

Halifax: The biggest small town you’ll ever live in

They say the world has six degrees of separation, but this city has only one.
It happens to all of us sooner or later: After a few years of living in HRM, you realize everyone knows everyone and this city of 400,000 starts to feel awfully small. (Small-town-Halifax syndrome extends to journalism as well, so this is the requisite disclaimer that I’m previously acquainted with some of the following interview subjects.)

A bar of one's own

Wet your whistle with this guide to the city’s campus watering holes.
The Grawood Beer Bar & Eatery Dalhousie University Student Union Building, 6136 University Avenue This student-union-run beer bar pours up 16 draught taps, featuring local faves and domestics, and also is a fully functioning restaurant, serving lunch daily and hosting Wednesday night burger nights and Thursday wing nights.

From cheap to craft: A Halifax beer guide

Getting to know this city via its extensive selection of beer, from Schooner to saison.
Walking into a liquor store can be overwhelming—especially if the selection is not what you’re used to.

Risk of collapse for student decks

One Halifax home inspector says the municipality is full of unsafe decks.
Thomas Baker was on his way home from a party with a friend when he heard a crash.

The 411 on 420 in Halifax.

Ready to blaze up for legalization next month? Here's what you need to know about cannabis and the city.
Where to buy?

Your prescription for local medical coverage

Contact info to help students stay healthy, if not wealthy.
If you’re a post-secondary student living away from home and far from your family doctor, or studying relatively close to the old homestead but don’t have a general practitioner, take heart.

Mental health supports remain overburdened on campus

University students are experiencing record levels of anxiety.
Counselling and mental health services at universities have seen an increase in demand in recent years.

Dalhousie learns its lesson from homecoming mayhem

Last year’s riotous event—which saw 22 people arrested—was a one-time anomaly, says the university.
Last year’s Dalhousie University homecoming event had an unusually large amount of attendees: 2,500 partygoers on the streets of Halifax’s south end. The Saturday morning gathering saw 22 people arrested for public intoxication and open-alcohol law violations during homecoming weekend.

Honourees get degrees

Want to bypass university but still get a doctorate? Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how local post-secondary institutions choose who's given an honorary degree.
Bestowing an honourary degree may only take a few moments during convocation, but the selection process isn’t as easy.

Lessons in scholarly social media

Universities are turning to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with very-online students.
Nowadays, students may look at hashtagged keywords or 280 characters to learn about a school event, versus checking bulletin boards or even email, causing universities to re-evaluate communication methods.

Milking the Student Cash Cow

Halifax students boost the economy
Many Haligonians probably don’t realize there are three universities and two colleges all within their city’s postage stamp perimeter. Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is a bustling but somehow still intimate port city, so it can be pretty tough to believe that there’s this multitude of post-secondary opportunity squashed into this beautiful, historic city.

Masuma Khan is making history

The Dalhousie University student and outspoken political activist wants to better her hometown of Halifax. Just try and stop her.
Over the last year, Masuma Khan has led thousands of students into the streets to protest high tuition fees, spoke at the local Women’s March on Washington and organized a public vigil after the deadly Quebec City mosque shooting.


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