Masuma Khan is making history

Masuma Khan is making history

The Dalhousie University student and outspoken political activist wants to better her hometown of Halifax. Just try and stop her.
Over the last year, Masuma Khan has led thousands of students into the streets to protest high tuition fees, spoke at the local Women’s March on Washington and organized a public vigil after the deadly Quebec City mosque shooting.

Milking the Student Cash Cow

Halifax students boost the economy
Many Haligonians probably don’t realize there are three universities and two colleges all within their city’s postage stamp perimeter. Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is a bustling but somehow still intimate port city, so it can be pretty tough to believe that there’s this multitude of post-secondary opportunity squashed into this beautiful, historic city.

Precarious labour is exploiting university educators

Many contract professors are working full-time hours for low wages, little job security and few benefits.
University campuses across Nova Scotia are continuing to benefit from contract faculty who face high workloads, low job security and lower wages than tenured professors, leaving a mental health drain on this province’s educators.

Falling through the tenancy cracks

One of the city’s largest rental companies asks non-Canadian tenants to pay rent in three-month increments—a direct violation of the Tenancy Act.
International students in Halifax say they’re being taken advantage of by one of the city’s largest property rental companies, which seemingly as official policy uses leases in breach of the Tenancy Act for non-Canadian tenants.

Small town, global minds

What city life is like for some of Halifax's international students.
Helen Timbo, 21Dalhousie University, third-year, statistics and chemistryOriginally from Sierra Leone, Timbo’s lived in Halifax for eight years and is the current president of the Dalhousie African Student Association.

The 9 habits of highly effective professors

Flipping the tables and finding out what students want from their instructors.

GOOD LORD, here’s my HODGEPODGE recipe

So everyone can leave me alone once and for all.
I can’t believe it’s come to this, but at this point, I have no choice but to attempt to quiet this daily harassment and give everyone my hodgepodge recipe.

Wade Smith’s Afrocentric legacy

A decade after the beloved educator advocated for the idea, is Nova Scotia past-due for an Afrocentric school?
Andre Fenton barely made it to class in his first two years of high school.

Course evaluations underused by students

Your professor is probably as scared of their grade, as you are of yours.
Every school is different.

10 essential Halifax fashion accessories

How to construct a fashion-meets-function (OK, mostly function) uniform for your new hometown.

Welcome to Harbourdale

In a shocking twist, it turns out the dramatic teen characters from television’s guiltiest pleasure are a perfect match for this city’s eclectic assortment of universities. Let’s break down the suspects....
Earlier this year, the television landscape felt bleak, rudderless without a good teen drama to act as guilty-pleasure viewing while we awaited the return of Serious Dramas like Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones.

Trips by Transit offers a free pass to outdoor adventure

Get up off your U-Pass and check out some of the farthest flung corners of HRM.
As Meredith Baldwin and Cameron Edwards sit at a cafe's corner table, the sunlight streaming in on them almost seems to echo their optimism. "We think transit is very important.

Four research projects in Halifax worth knowing about

From baby eels to methane leaks in old mines, these are just some of the areas of study being investigated by Halifax’s academic all-stars.
Jessica Bennett, Masters of engineering, Dalhousie UniversityFeminizing baby eels in farms in order to raise them locally and sell to global marketsLocal aquaculture research company NovaEel is teaming up with researchers at the Dalhousie Medical School to create "a competitive eel industry that is safe, sustainable and beneficial to the economy," according to Jessica Bennett, a part-time NovaEel employee and current Masters of engineering student at Dal.

Old schools on campus

Dalhousie and NSCAD celebrate historic birthdays, and look to the past to figure out their future.
On the wall in NSCAD president Dianne Taylor-Gearing's office, a scrawled font with steep pitches and valleys repeats, "I will not make boring art."

Where to go when the going gets tough

A rundown of mental health resources, community support and welcoming spaces around HRM.
Being a student is difficult to begin with, and it can be a struggle to figure out where to turn when things get particularly hard to handle.

Five nerdy university perks to geek out about

There are amazing hidden treasures tucked away on your campus, waiting to be explored.
Being a student has its perks—from newfound freedoms and friendships to self-discovery and maybe even learning to do your own laundry.

Become a master of arts this fall

A primer on all the festivals, exhibitions and amazing events coming to Halifax this season.
Fall in Halifax is something special, as festivals and art organizations brace for the colder days a-comin' with a packed calendar of events that'll challenge, educate and entertain you. Here are a few that are a great intro to the local arts scene.

Sport stars for the win

Meet five university athletes who are training hard for a championship season.
Sven StammbergerDalhousie University, BasketballFifth year, Masters of business administration With three captains from last year’s AUS championship Dalhousie Tigers graduating, it’s Sven Stammberger’s time to lead the quest for a fourth-straight title.

Here’s to the class of 420

A smoking syllabus to become the most productive pothead on campus.
Harvard studies suggest cannabis enhances cognitive function.

Best. Tuesday. Ever.

How to make the most out of a boring weekday night.
If Tuesday was a person, its favourite colour would probably be taupe.


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