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Authentic Filipino street fare in Fairview from Silong Express

Named one of the 25 Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada for a reason

Silong Express
16 Titus Street
Daily menu posted on Facebook
Pick-up only, call or walk in to order.


ne of the things that we miss most about visiting Asia is the street food scene. It always amazes me to watch the street food vendors whip up the most delicious and flavourful plates in what feels like just seconds. We haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Philippines yet but the authentic street food fares served at Silong Express in Fairview will keep our palate busy until we do.

Erick De Los Reyes is a third generation immigrant who moved to Halifax 13 years ago and has always used food to connect with his family and community. He wanted to give the community a spot to turn to for authentic and flavourful Filipino street food and one that had a sari-sari feel. A sari-sari being a family owned convenience store, the kind found all over the Philippines. Locally, Silong Express is the only sari-sari that also serves food, so you can grab your pantry essentials and a hot meal all in one trip.

Now for the good stuff, the food! We love how the authenticity of the food shines through from the moment we open our takeout containers and see the dishes resting on top of banana leaves. Start off your meal from Silong Express with their crowd pleasing Silong Pinoy BBQ pork skewers that can be enjoyed alone as an appetizer or served alongside a serving of rice.

If you are in the mood for an all-in-one dish that would make lunch easy, try out the Pancit dish. It’s a flavourful combination of meat, veggies and hab hab noodles that’s great on its own or alongside a second protein dish.

A must-order from Silong Express is the Lechon Kawali. A dish of thickly sliced pork belly that is deep fried to perfection. Each bite gives you the crunch of the crispy skin and the tender and juicy bit of meat—texture and flavour combining in just the right way. We love this dish served alongside a bowl of steamy white rice and a dipping sauce that comes with it. It’s Erick’s favourite dish on the menu for good reason!

If seafood is more of your preference, give their Daing Na Bangus a try. This is a milkfish that has been marinating—often overnight—in a combination of vinegar, crushed peppercorns and garlic. Then it’s fried until it is crispy. Make sure you pour the sauce that comes with it over the fried fish before taking a taste.

Enjoy Silong Express this month for Asian Heritage Month, and again next month to celebrate Filipino Heritage Month here in the HRM. Erick runs a small family operated and incredibly friendly business that serves exceptional homestyle Filipino food that will have you coming back for more. You can find out what their current menu items are by following them on Facebook and swiping through the mouth watering visual menu.

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