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Mighty Auto
6437 Lady Hammond Road


Cheapy Tire
302 Windmill Road


Harrington’s VW Parts and Service
604 Stairs Street

Jim Rogers has a simple guiding rule when dealing with his customers: “Don’t bullshit.” In his 44 years as an auto mechanic, those two words have made the difference, he tells The Coast. “Word of mouth does everything for you, really,” the Mighty Auto manager says. “If I make somebody happy, they’re going to tell their friends. If I really make somebody angry, they’re going to talk to people in the grocery line and tell everyone how much they hate me.” From his earliest days as a teenager fixing cars with his uncle to now, Rogers has found that working with cars is just as much about working with people. He strives to get to know his customers “like your doctor would know their patients.” The rest takes care of itself. “It's nice when a person can find one shop and have everything done. It forms a bond.”

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