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Best of Halifax

Best Mechanic Shop

Gold Winner Todd’s South End Car Care

Silver Winner Revolution Automotive Solutions

Bronze Winner Harrington’s VW Parts and Service

Todd’s has been in business for quite some time—it will be 50 years come 2017. According to manager Derrick Munro, a good mechanic is someone who can figure out what’s wrong with a car, and then repair it right. “A lot of cars today, you have to diagnose before you can fix it,” he says. “Some shops—they just keep throwing parts on the car until they solve the problem, which is very expensive.” Todd’s has a lot of regular customers, and Munro has a simple explanation for that: treat them well and they will keep coming back. For him, having the customers’ trust is important. If votes over the past six years are any indication, Todd’s has won that trust from many.

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