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Best Pop Artist / Band

Best Pop Artist / Band
Neon Dreams, Best of Halifax 2022 gold winner of Best Pop Artist / Band


Neon Dreams


Ria Mae


Good Dear Good

It’s now officially four in a row for Neon Dreams as the band takes home Best Pop Artist/Band again in 2022. The group-turned-duo has always avoided genre pigeonholeing, proving to be the ultimate modern pop act by building a sonic sample plate. “We draw from so much,” Adrian Morris, drummer for the Juno-winning, top 40 juggernaut Neon Dreams told The Coast the first time the band pocketed this award, back in 2018. “At one point we were a hip hop group. Frank [Kadillac] draws from his father with reggae and dancehall. [I] draw from punk and rock. I was a punk kid growing up, going to CD Heaven to see the punk shows.” Just as the genre of pop is ever-shifting, so too is the band that began its life in a music class at Sackville High. The duo will spend the waning days of 2022 touring South Africa for a second time, where it has found audiences nearly as hungry for its hits as Halifax remains.

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