Best Pop Artist / Band 2016 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Pop Artist / Band

Gold Winner Ria Mae

Silver Winner Neon Dreams

Bronze Winner Rich Aucoin

Ria MacNutt—better known as Ria Mae—doesn’t have as much time to be in Halifax as she used to. But she’s happy she still has “cheerleaders” in her hometown. “I feel like every time I come back to Halifax, everyone’s on my team,” says MacNutt. She dropped her first major label album this past summer, featuring lovelorn lyrics and dance-worthy rhythms through songs like “Girlfriend” and “Crazy.” With a string of Canadian tour dates starting in November, she’s is also focusing on whatever her next song will be: “I’m still in my bubble, where I’m writing every second that I’m not playing.” MacNutt says next year is set to be a busy one for her, with plans that will take place outside of Canada.

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