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Lake City Cider
35 Portland Street


Chain Yard Cider
2606 Agricola Street


No Boats On Sunday

What makes the cider from this “living love letter to Dartmouth” stand out from the crowd? 100% local fruit, no concentrates. Apples from the Annapolis Valley, blueberries from Oxford—you get the gist. “I think that you can taste the difference between that and other commercial cideries,” general manager Russel Layden says. All the drinks are fermented, filtered and canned on site. Taste-wise, Lake City’s ciders tend to run a bit drier than others, perfect for people who prefer drinks that aren’t too sweet. Its most famous offering is the classic, semi-dry Crisp Apple cider made with McIntosh, cortland and northern spy apples. “We've had it since day one, so people love that one. They're loyal to that one,” Layden says. He extends “a big thank you to everyone who drinks their cider and enjoys it.”

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