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Lake City Cider
35 Portland Streetwebsite


Chain Yard Cider
2606 Agricola Street


Annapolis Cider Co
388 Main Street, Wolfville

While some may long for a storefront in downtown Halifax, Poet Comeau says she’s a “super proud Dartmouth girl” at heart. “I see it more as an opportunity. I get to be the only Dartmouth cidery,” the Lake City Cider owner tells The Coast by phone. “Dartmouth was always in our business plan. Lake City is a passion for cider but it’s also a passion for where we live.” Comeau says it’s been a challenging year for anyone in the service industry. Lake City was lucky to remain open through COVID. “That was a huge benefit,” she says. “But still, you know, it was still hard for the uncertainty of it all. But we flipped the switch to home delivery, and we’ve tried to be as accessible as possible.” Comeau thanks retail manager Russell (the sole original hire still on staff) and lead production manager Joe for their hard work, as well as the customers who voted for Lake City. “There’s not many times we get patted on the back a little bit. So it feels really nice to be recognized that way,” she adds. “We feel so thankful that people like what we do and like our products and support us in what we love to do, which is just make some really great cider.”
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