Best Poutine 2019 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Poutine

Gold Winner Willy's Fresh Cut Fries & Burgers

Silver Winner Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers + Poutinerie, Woodside

Bronze Winner Smoke's Poutinerie, Pizza Corner

Sometimes with poutine, it’s the toppings that save the day. The fries can be meh and no one will notice if they’re coated in the right amount of squeaky curds and salted-to-perfection (or not, tbh) gravy. While a good-enough gravy can hide a lot of missteps, Willy’s doesn’t have to worry about that. The repeat winner in the Best Poutine category rules because of all of the pieces that work together to make the magic: The hand-cut fries, the homemade (vegetarian!) gravy and cheese curds are almost as good on their own as they are together. But together—they make solid gold snacking.
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