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Best of Halifax

Best Poutine

Willy's Fresh Cut Fries & Burgers

Gold Winner Willy’s Fresh Cut Fries & Burgers

Silver Winner Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers + Poutinerie

Bronze Winner Smoke’s Poutinerie

Nothing beats a mountain of French fries, tangled up in cheese curds and smothered in hot gravy. If you’re feeling fancy you can get donair poutine, or steak poutine, or cheeseburger poutine, or pulled pork poutine or stuffing poutine. Or just add some bacon and banana peppers. This locally owned stop is a sure bet for comfort food cravings, and a great hangover helper. When other Halifax restaurants have long since closed their doors, Willy’s window is still wide open—it cures cravings until 4am every night except Tuesday.

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