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Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big

Gold Winner Makayla Lynn

Silver Winner Aquakultre

Bronze Winner Owen Meany's Batting Stance

Makayla Lynn is only 17 but she’s putting all the pieces in place with regards to this making it big business. First of all, she got high school out of the way a year early with the help of correspondence courses. “I had to have been a hassle to my teachers,” she says. “I was missing 100 days a year. It was always a game of catchup.” She’s been splitting her time between East Hants and Nashville, where she’s calling from, for a few years. She won an ECMA in May for her debut album, On a Dare and a Prayer. It’s all happening. “It’s wild,” she says of this BOH win. “Even just to ask people to take a minute from their day and vote for you when they might not have even met you. I appreciate it so much.” Catch Lynn (while you still can, let’s be honest) at one of her three shows this weekend at Nova Scotia Music Week in Truro.

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