Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big 2017 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big

Gold Winner Ria Mae

Silver Winner Port Cities

Bronze Winner Reeny Smith

We’d argue the Haligonian born Ria Mae MacNutt has already made it big, but she’s typically humble about this nod. “All I wanted was a gold record and to tour with Tegan and Sara,” she says over the phone a few hours before her sold-out Symphony Nova Scotia concert. “And I did both.” Specifically a European run with the Quins this past winter, and 50,000 copies of her Sony debut sold. MacNutt and drummer Chuck Bucket both live in Ontario now, so coming home means more than it ever has. “We have such heart pangs,” she says. “He has all the guys wanting donairs, and I have all the girls at the health store getting smoothies.”

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