Best Activist 2017 | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Activist

Gold Winner El Jones

Silver Winner Quentrel Provo

Bronze Winner Rebecca Thomas

Let’s just let El Jones take it from here: “I want to shout out Paul Vienneau and the really important work he does around disability,” she says. “And also to all the women, including Rebecca Thomas but also Rebecca Moore, Grizzly Mama, Suzanne Patles, Tayla Fern Paul, Dorene Bernard, the water defenders who are out there on the front lines every day. The activists who are out there in our communities unnamed are the true rocks. Also shout out to the incarcerated people whose struggles and stories shape so much of my work. For women of colour in these times, we’re seeing violent and vicious efforts to stop us speaking and resisting. But we all stand together, work in solidarity and we cannot be silenced.” 

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