Best Fish & Chips 2017 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Fish & Chips

Gold Winner John's Lunch

Silver Winner Fredie's Fantastic Fish House

Bronze Winner Evan's Fresh Seafoods

For some reason all-caps PIZZA is the prominent menu item on the street sign for John’s Lunch, but maybe that’s because the fish and chips here is so freaking good it doesn’t need top billing. It’s been nearly 50 years since the first heaping platter was dished out at Dartmouth’s most legendary lunch counter, and since then folks have been consistently following their noses to the smell of the fryer. What makes this dish Halifamous is hard to put a finger on—maybe it’s the entire package deal that comes with a pit-stop here (see Best Seafood)—but nevertheless, the masses consider John’s a Halifax must-try and the masses couldn’t possibly be wrong. Raise a tiny cup of tartar sauce, this is John’s sixth consecutive win. And a word to the wise: don’t fill up on the mountain of fries, get into that haddock first.

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