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Best of Halifax

Best Real Estate Agent

Rob Scanlan

Gold Winner Rob Scanlan

Silver Winner James Dwyer

Bronze Winner Don Ranni

For proof there’s a lot going on in Halifax real estate, just look at all the construction cranes dotting the skyline. Or scan recent results of this Best of Halifax category. The last time Robert Scanlan took home the gold for Best Real Estate Agent was in 2011, and this year perennial contenders Rosemary Porter and Marco DiQuinzio have been pushed off the podium by James Dwyer and Don Ranni. How do you get to the top of such a competitive field? “I worked a little harder this year,” admits Scanlan, who drives over 2,500 kilometres a month on business. But the rewards are worth it. “I just had a closing yesterday,” Scanlan says, “and the people are still texting me ’Thank you, thank you, thank you.’”

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