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Mike Ridewood
Best Athlete, Ellie Black

Gold Winner Ellie Black

Silver Winner Sidney Crosby

Bronze Winner Nathan MacKinnon


YAS QUEEN. After one of her best years yet, gymnast extraordinaire and young Olympian, Ellie Black has dethroned those millionaire Cole Harbour hockey dudes. (JK Sid and Nate. We love you and your Tim Hortons ads, too, but step aside.) The most-decorated athlete at this summer’s Pan Am Games also took home CBC’s best Canadian sports moment of the summer (for those five Pan Am golds) and has recently kicked some serious ass at the world championships in Glasgow, Scotland. That means she’s helped to secure team Canada a seat at summer 2016’s Olympics in Rio, when her local club, Halifax Alta Gymnastics Club, and all of Halifax will be cheering, hard, from home.

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