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Best Female Solo Artist

Gold Winner Mo Kenney

Silver Winner Kim Harris

Bronze Winner Ria Mae

Best Female Solo Artist
Paul Wright
Gimme some Mo Kenney

The last few years have been good to Mo Kenney. Her latest album, In Dreams, is taking her all over Europe and she’s into it. “I like touring in the fall,” she says, “it saves me money on my heat bill.” When she is home she’s “drawing, reading, being a hermit, the usual.” She’s also writing songs for a new album. “I’ve been writing about myself a lot more lately in my music. I’ve been reflective in the past five or six months and trying to change myself for the better, so that’s been in my writing lately.” She’s also taking some steps to activate her grunge-punk side-project, Creep and the Pervs. “I’m gonna get a t-shirt made soon. Fuck it, maybe I’ll just go by that name.” 

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