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Best Female Solo Artist

Jenn Grant

The delightful Ms Grant is back at home for a week following a great deal of touring, with more to come, all supporting her upbeat new record, Honeymoon Punch. Quite a departure in mood from her last release, the melancholy Echoes, Grant’s seeing her audiences really go for the new, danceable material. “For the most part people are really enthusiastic and into it,” says the ebullient singer. “If I’m feeling like I want to party and have a good time, it’s a shared experience. For me I need to take risks artistically, so I feel challenged and doing something valuable with my life and keep it interesting. The next record will probably be different from this record. It’s just the way I like to work.” And it’s not like she’s ignoring her earlier work, with songs from Orchestra For The Moon, such as “Unique New York” showing up in the live set, as well as “Let’s Get Started” from her recent EP, Songs for Siigoun. As for that next album, Grant has been collaborating with Buck 65---she co-wrote two songs on his recent platter 20 Odd Years---so them doing a record together isn’t out of the question.

1st Runner-up Carmen Townsend

2nd Runner-up Christina Martin

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