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Best Comedy Night

Yuk Yuk's

Gold Winner Geeks versus Nerds

Silver Winner Thursdays at Yuk Yuk’s

Bronze Winner Bill Wood Comedy Night, The Company House

“We’re humbled by your confidence and proud that our community comes out to support us,” says John Roy, project manager for Geeks versus Nerds. “We’re seeing big things in this next year, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel as well as our many podcasts and live events.” GvN‘s debate shows take on all of the pop culture queries you spend your nights thinking about. Who would win in a fight? Who is the better sidekick? Who is the better evil mastermind? Worry no more. Go to a GvN live taping and get the final answer. With an upcoming appearance at Hal-Con, help GvN settle the scores and celebrate five seasons in all their geeky glory. “We are the geeks. We transcend race, religion, sex, nationality and economic status,” says Roy. “Don't worry about us taking over the world, we did that years ago.”
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