Best Shoe Store 2012 | Kick Ass Shoes at Mills | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Shoe Store

Kick Ass Shoes at Mills

Gold Winner Kick Ass Shoes

Silver Winner John David Shoes

Bronze Winner ALDO, Halifax Shopping Centre

Footwear heaven exists on the corner of Queen and Spring Garden. Kick Ass Shoes, the now seven-years-in-a-row gold winner in this category, is the kind of store that’s hard to walk by. And once you’re inside, it’s likely you’ll see at least one face pressed up against the window, like a kid longingly staring into a candy shop. Except these grown-up treats come in flavours like Camper, Betsey Johnson, Chinese Laundry, Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs---and over-indulgence doesn’t exist. From daywear to street stomping to club hopping, KAS offers a huge range of styles that’ll make you start planning your outfits from the ground up.

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