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There’s a reason why shoes can spark an obsession in people like no other item of clothing or accessory. (What would be the purse equivalent to a sneaker head? A bag lady? Hard pass). Shoes are the bookend the rest of an outfit is built upon. They are, both aesthetically and literally, the thing that helps your feet move through the world. They must look good. But, perhaps even more than that, they must be comfortable. Shoppers at John David Shoes know it isn’t an either/or situation, snapping up heels with souped-up insoles and glitzy sneakers at the Park Lane Mall shop for years—and bestowing it the Best Shoe Store title annually since 2013. With a collection of European brands, designer labels and a reliable end of season sale cycle worth keeping an eye on, John David Shoes shows that when it comes to footwear, you really don’t need to compromise.

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