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Best Canadian Album

Matt Mays & El Torpedo, Terminal Romance

It was a hairy year for Matt Mays & El Torpedo, who toured the swagger-rocking Terminal Romance, opened for Kid Rock, then turned into werewolves for Andrew Watt’s short film, Dartmouth Werewolf in Dover, at the Atlantic Film Festival. The band’s on the road again wooing crowds, in Ontario just after their Corner Brook ECMA win for best rock album. Like Amy Winehouse (except totally coherent), Mays sent us a message from the road. Hopefully it’s good practice for a Junos acceptance speech on March 29---El Torpedo’s up for best rock album there, too. He writes: “We’d like to thank everyone for voting for us. We’ve been travelling around non-stop these days. Rambling all over the world while our legs still work. We hold Halifax very close to our hearts. To come home to the Maritimes and find out that we’re getting this kind of love from the city means more to us than we can put into words. Thank you all so much. Peace out.”

First runner up: Hey Rosetta!, Into Your Lungs
Second runner up: Chad VanGaalen, Soft Airplane
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