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Though they don’t advertise too much, the word of mouth and sponsorships (Atlantic Film Festival and the Pop Explosion) gets the message out that Greenlyph is the place to go for all your hardware and software needs. The meat and potatoes of Greenlyph remains computer component parts, custom-built systems, and especially service, which manager and co-owner Wade Prue has seen increase in the past year. Is it because they’re really good, or because PCs are more shoddily built all the time? We suspect the former. Also growing in popularity is the humble laptop, as in the past few years most portable computers have become just as powerful as their deskbound counterparts. “The strong student community,” says Prue, “so many of these users want laptops.” 1078 Queen, 422-2453

1st Runner Up: Halifax Mac Store, 1106 Barrington, 422-6556

2nd Runner Up: PC Medic, 2760 Robie Street, 455-4357

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