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Best of Halifax

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Apple Store

Gold Winner Apple Store

Silver Winner GBS Technologies (formerly PC Medic)

Bronze Winner Octopi Computers

Voting for the 2017 Best of Halifax awards ended September 15, with winners announced in The Coast’s BOH issue, out in print and online November 2. In between, we at The Coast tabulate the votes to figure out the winners, then selectively, confidentially share results in order to write award citations such as this. Apple was excited about the Apple Store’s Best Computer Store gold win—it’s recognition that impresses investors and makes Google seethe—and wanted to brag about it immediately. However, Apple also understands the importance of anticipation-building secrecy. So when we asked the company to wait until November 2 to let the public know about the BOH gold, it went one better and moved the iPhone X shipping date to November 3. Thanks, Apple, you’re the Best.

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